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The Fox Physio team in Taupo bring decades of experience to your treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. Our practitioners work across personal and corporate health and specialise in many disciplines, including broad-spectrum physiotherapy, hand therapy, concussion treatment, and pelvic health services. We can advise you on safe ways to reach your fitness goals and work with you to approach repetitive tasks in the workplace in ways that prevent injury.

Speak to our Taupo physiotherapist team about regular massage therapy as a preventative tool to offset sports injuries and ask us about an intelligent plan to head off aches and pains with stretching and strengthening exercises. We work with Taupo employers to design fitness tests that screen potential employees against injury and we design rehabilitation programmes to get you back in the game with less risk of repeat issues.

Fox Physio Taupo works alongside ACC to ensure every community member can access the treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation services they require for optimum health. We offer home visits for patients with mobility issues, and we are proud to be providing discounted services for local students. Our hand therapy team works post cast to improve your movement range; we treat carpal tunnel - and address arthritis in the hands and wrists to elevate your quality of life.

With a holistic approach and an expert eye, we are now serving Taupo and surrounding areas with professional physiotherapy services. Get in touch with the friendly and dedicated physio team at Fox Physio to access your best health. Whether you are looking to get fit for the pitch or just searching for ways to work smarter, it’s time to start moving in ways that address your goals.

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